Black Thorn Durian Premium Set

GEORGE TOWN: A durian shop at Jalan Macalister, which went viral on social media for selling three durians for almost RM1,000 (RM937), was slapped with a RM2,000 compound for displaying confusing price tags which were not written in Bahasa Malaysia. Many stalls declare that they sell Durian of the year 2012 - Black Thorn that have escalated the price of durian per kg to RM 40-RM 50. With this breed, many customer fears that they might be taken a ride on the durian seller as durian King is one of the limited provider that sells this breed, that is available in both of their branch in Bukit Bintang and also TTDI.
The D4 is not popular with the durian sellers because they ripen quickly after dropping off the trees. Excitingly, our few trees of Musang King flowered in early October with expected ripe d24 durian fruits in February 2020. The two stall owners, a 42-year-old and a 52-year-old, were issued two compounds of RM1,000 each for two offences with regards to the price tag of the durians.

Pow was instrumental in getting Leow to participate in the competition and even went to the extent of collecting fruits from Leow's farm (and a few other Penang farms) and driving down to Bangi on the day of the competition to deliver them to the organisers.
44 He cited one traveller from 1599: b "it is of such an excellent taste that it surpasses in flavour all other fruits of the world, according to those who have tasted it." 44 He cites another writer: "To those not used to it, it seems at first to smell like rotten onions, but immediately after they have tasted it they prefer it to all other food.

Get your fix for cheap with D13 durians priced at three for $10 or $5. If it's the premium stuff you're after, MSW durians are priced at $15 per kg, Golden Phoenix at $18 per kg and the rare Hulu King at $22 per kg. Beyond durian, you are also able to browse their wide array of other fresh fruits as well.
Mr. Leow himself had warned me that Black Thorn is a durian that varies a lot in flavor depending on the age of the tree. The flesh of the Black Thorn is reddish-yellow, deepening to flaming orange as the tree ages. The banner advertising the Black Thorn durian says that it won some kind of award in 2012, which is probably their justification for the high price.
With D101, its mild yet amazingly sweet aroma does not take away your chance to indulge in durians. For example, old durian plantations across Asia, never plundered for mass farming, often have unusual pedigreed trees particular to the region, microclimate or even land plot.

This is the first time he is participating in this competition and Penang people are very proud of him because it just proves that his Black Thorn is one of the top, premium grade durians in Malaysia right now,” says a jubilant Pow. The flesh is a pale yellow colour, not too sweet, dry and creamy with just a touch of bitterness.
The flesh of the Black Thorn is very deep and rich yellow, and tastes very sweet and custardy. It's rich and creamy, with a strong bittersweet taste that has many layers of taste. The signature silky smooth, luxurious thick soft and creamy flesh with its underlying sweet alcoholic aftertaste is what makes the Black Thorn the most coveted durian.

Besides unlimited portions of the Mao Shan Wang and D24 Sultan durian, diners also get to try unique house-made desserts like the smooth and creamy durian mousse and cream puff. Almost all the fruits are now reserved by those who have tasted the fruits in Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand.
Through their thorough inspection of its shape, husk and thorns of the durian fruit to ensure that it reaches the precise grade to be graded into the Black Thorn Premium category. Black Thorn really is a lot like Red Prawn in the most important way: when the tree is young, the both fruits are really sweet, which is just fine if strawberry and cream lozenges are your thing.

Black Thorn became so popular till the extent that it had a waiting list every season, usually in late July or early August. The D24 Sultan used to be the most popular cultivar before it was dethroned by the Musang King. I love all durians and am not fussy about variety.

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