Everything To Know About The Food In Vietnam

Pho — especially the more brash southern-style — came to America after the fall of Saigon in 1975, as hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people fled their country. In recent years, it became a bona fide food trend in cities across the nation. But mornings that begin over a bowl of pho while seated on a low stool in a crowded open-air shop are still distinctively Vietnamese.
The portions are big and the food satisfying, if not exactly what you might find in Thailand. All the vegan pizzas come topped with locally made nut cheese from Kashew Cheese. The texture of the melted cheese is very good, as is the flavour — and it’s not oily and rubbery like so many vegan cheeses. With bangers and mash, fish and chips, cottage pie and other British greatest hits on the menu, Brits will feel like they’ve made a quick trip back home. There’s also a wide range of American comfort food like burgers, fries and hot dogs, plus a few Mexican favourites just to round out the International vibe.

Customers need to pay 10,000 VND for cooked rice and can eat it as much as they want. Mark, we’re in Saigon for the next two months and this post is a God send! I’ve tried many, many Vietnamese dishes, but now that I’ve seen your list I realise that we haven’t even scratched the surface yet! Im not Laotian but it would be cool if that cuisine got more exposure. seems to be very a mysterious place and i heard some Thai food in america is actually Laotian in origin so it would be cool that cuisine get more exposure!
It looks like they have an actual restaurant but this takeout stall only offers two options – regular and special. I don’t know what the difference is but I got the special version of the doner kebab banh mi. I love Turkish cuisine and Vietnamese food so this interesting mashup was already enticing enough, but the crowd of locals waiting to get takeout told me this place couldn’t be missed. Banh Mi Hoa Ma was just one of three Saigon restaurants we revisited from two years ago.

In general, when you talk about pho in Vietnam you are referring to beef pho (phở bò) which uses beef broth as a base and adds various cuts of beef to the final product. You can also find chicken pho (phở gà) and even vegetarian pho (phở chay), but anytime you see the word phở by itself it’s safe to assume you’ll be getting the beef version. There are typically two sizes in which you can order pho – a regular portion (tô thường) and a large portion (tô lớn). Keep in mind the regular portion is generally plenty for a meal and a large portion is often enough to feed a small army.
There is so much good food in Saigon that two trips isn’t enough to do it justice. We’ll definitely be back and with each return visit, we’ll be refining and building upon this Saigon food guide. It’s attention to the Yin and Yang of flavor, texture, and temperature never ceases to captivate us. It’s one of our favorite cuisines in the world and something we will never grow tired of. Located near Ben Thanh Market, this place is a trendy Saigon food market with several individual stalls selling different types of food.
I’ve heard that SE Asia is really affordable, but didn’t realize how cheap the prices are. You could eat like a king for days for the just price of one night’s dinner here in the US. Dishes range from classic spring rolls to things that you’ve never tried. For the more adventurous eater, we recommend the fermented pork belly with rice. We never liked quail before we tried this dish, but now we eat it all the time.

The salmon fillets are seared on all sides in a hot wok, and set to rest aside. In a claypot over fire, chefs start sweating some spring onion and garlic with rendered pork fat. Then, the flavors will blend in five minutes or until the onions turns translucent. Chefs will add fish broth, fish sauce, a pinch of sugar and the famous Phu Quoc pepper.
For myself, being a lover of rice accompanied by multiple meat and vegetable sides dishes, com binh dan is one of my favorite Vietnamese meals to eat for lunch in Saigon. Often a plate of rice with 2 or 3 dishes on top will cost 20,000 – 30,000 VND ($0.92 – $1.38), and if you get rice with dishes on the side in separate bowls, it will cơm văn phòng run a little higher, but you usually get bigger portions. At many street side stalls in Saigon a plate of com tam suon nuong, with just the broken rice and pork chop should run around 30,000 VND and with an egg around 35,000 VD – 40,000 VND. So let’s move onto a few of the famous and most beloved Vietnamese rice based dishes.

I have to admit, this was a marvelous bowl of noodles, stacked with toppings and flavor. I often saw local Vietnamese season their Hủ Tieu Nam Vang with the transparent looking chili sauce and dark soy sauce as well. Along with the rice vermicelli noodles and pork broth, a bowl of bun moc also typically includes some chunks of pork meat, maybe even a bone, meatballs, and Vietnamese sausage.
In busy cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the early hours are more relaxed. "You feel very comfortable in the morning, so having pho for breakfast just fits right in there," Nguyen says. "It's like this ritual thing." That's why even though pho is also a nighttime phenomenon, you'll still find very old-school shops and carts open only in the early mornings. Since its creation, pho has always reflected the cultural, political, and socioeconomic changes in Vietnam.

Like elsewhere in Vietnam, you will have to negotiate hard for a good rate on a taxi, cyclo, or motorbike ride. The buses are surprisingly comfortable and modern so this offers a cheap and reliable way to get around town. The system itself, however, is very complicated so figuring out your route can be a challenge. The driver should provide you with a helmet and you will be fined if you don't wear one. You can find markets that sell everything from Vietnamese arts and crafts to electronics and clothing. Remember to negotiate hard for everything, and it is best to barter in the local currency.

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