How To Build An Indoor Window Planter

These sunny yellow Sunflower Tickseed flowers provide a great complementary bright color to the shade of midnight blue. For wrought iron baskets and other containers, however, you may prefer to use decorative plant brackets, which have more visual appeal. Unless you have vinyl siding, you’ll likely have to do some drilling to get the support brackets for your window box installed on your home.
Wood, plastic, zinc, copper, iron, tin, ceramic, terra cotta, wire, rubber tires, fiberglass—you name it, it’s been used. After you’ve selected the style you want, take a look under window planter box at the materials available. If your windows get bright sun all day, it’s a good idea to avoid dark-colored or solid metal boxes, which could heat up and dry out your plants.

Let the sealant or paint dry completely before final installation. Use your saw to cut the lumber to desired lengths. Cut the longer pieces first, then use remaining pieces for the shorter sides or to create braces. Measure and mark the pieces of lumber for cutting. You only get one chance at cutting before you make a mistake and discover that you have to make another trip back to the hardware store. And they will immediately know why you are there. For those who would prefer natural woods that are relatively weather resistant without treatment, certain varieties of cedar, cherry, locust, or others may be appropriate.
Plug cutters will work in a power drill but for consistently better results, use a drill press. Prior to building your boxes you need to think about how you will assemble them. Many simple boxes are constructed with butt joints and nails or screws. Window boxes should be a minimum of 8 inches in depth and 8 inches from front to back to have enough room for a selection of plants. Larger boxes, such as 12 inches in depth and width, are particularly better if you want to include a lot of plants, and want them to fill out enough to overflow the box. Assembly begins with one long wall and two side panels for each window box.

Adding window box and plants will definitely improve the curb appeal of your home. Awesome blog by the way and thanks for sharing these ideas. Build a beautiful window box planter with lattice details easily by taking help of this tutorial. Learn how to transform an ordinary wooden window box into this at Censational Style.
If you don’t have any wooden crates, you can buy them pretty cheap or make them yourself. If you really want something unique and rustic, you can add these DIY twig window boxes to your home. These are super easy to make and so gorgeously farmhouse inspired.
Window boxes are a great way to add décor and curb appeal to your home without a lot of expense. As to attaching the box to your house, it appears from the photos that you have regular vinyl siding. Is this correct and did that make it more difficult to attach to the house using the product you purchased?

And, you don’t have to nail or screw it together. You make this one with wood glue and it stays perfectly in place and held together with the glue. This is such an easy one and you can use new or repurposed boards to create it. Here is another beautiful window box that is made from pine and it is really decorative.
If desired, add strips of molding across the front and around the sides, cutting to allow for mitered corners at the ends of the front and two side strips. Glue the strips to the front and sides and hammer in penny brass or stainless steel finishing nails about 4 inches apart all around. Apply glue to the front edge of the bottom board and set the front board into place, edges flush.

The bottom was 39 inches long to accommodate the width of the sides. But the shed's simple rectangular shape was needing some serious style help, especially given its visible position in our yard. We added a six-paned window, which gave it a little somethin' somethin', but it was still a blank slate. I wanted to add simple color and texture, and I thought a window planter box would be the perfect addition. Window planter boxes are a great way to add an architectural element and a boost of color to your home's exterior. There are a wide variety of styles out there; I chose to create a simple box style to reflect our 1900 cabin-style home and shed.
We have access from the house to the left window to water the plants but not the arched window. While window boxes are usually the same length as the window they are hanging below, ours will be 6″ larger on each side to conceal damage that the existing ones will leave. Below is a brief list of credible sources you can reference for step-by-step instructions on how to build a Planter Box DIY Project. Each publication puts a unique twist on the project.
Cedar window boxes and redwood flower boxes are naturally durable and rot-resistant. Count on them for years of reliable loveliness. The rich grain of wood window boxes gives them curb appeal unlike anything else, welcoming visitors to your home like a friendly tree. Choose from many styles and sizes of wooden planter boxes, including custom sizes for those unique projects. Many houses styles are brightened and improved with colorful flowers in window boxes. These boxes are simple to build and in a weekend you can dress up your home and add the color and beauty the flowers can bring. I've always loved the look of a window box full of blossoming flowers.

Once the shims have been trimmed, use wood glue to add them to the front and sides of the window box. As they are placed on the box, alternate which direction they go. This will give the window box a fun contrast. I have always wanted one but did not know how to suspend them and irrigate the plants. Love window boxes especially the wooden ones. Very nice and well explained, I like windows box with beautiful flowers, it chanded the entire appearance of the house.
If you want a window box that is really cheap and really easy to DIY, this one is it. You make this with wood, that only costs a little over a dollar per board, and it only takes about half an hour to make one.

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