La Revolución Silenciosa

Petrobal, Sierra Oil, Diarqco, Nuvoil, Renaissance Oil y Cotemar son las petroleras privadas que están abriendo camino en la renovada industria energética en México. Con la finalidad de mantener una relación directa con nuestros proveedores, en COTEMAR desarrollamos un portal en el que se puede encontrar la información necesaria de consulta y actualización generada para el cumplimiento de los ciclos de compra de cada proveedor. Además el Hércules se mantiene trabajando para diversas áreas de Cotemar para el traslado de personal para trasladar materiales.
Cotemar need to make sure that the services they offer are of high quality Because of this, their clients can always expect to obtain quality companies. Cotemar is in a special position to offer its clients services that will in any other case be exhausting to entry within the nation. Cotemar has managed to operate as a going concern due to four core values that embody integrity, reliability, humility and innovation. Cotemar presents its services by means of three major venues; building, modernization, upkeep, and engineering in addition to Specialized Vessel, and Accommodation and Catering. When Cotemar got here to be in 1979, it was a supplier just for power sector of Mexico.

With the help of specialised vessels which are in the agency's offshore oilfields, the group has been in a position to expand and offer services to Petroleos Mexicanos. By way of these offshore fields, Cotemar is in a position of offering providers that are safe and stuffed with quality that meets all their consumer's expectations. At first, it only offered accommodation and catering Cotemar started increasing rapidly very early on of their professional profession. Within the 12 months 2013 Cotemar became in a position to start the construction process of their model new lodging rig named Atlantis.
Primarily based out of Ciudad del Carmen, Cotemar performs very important features in the industry, with subdivisions of each function as critical to the operational success because the others show to be. They concentrate on Petroleum Services, Specialized Ships, Offshore Development, Offshore Maintenance, and Maritime Providers. Whereas out to sea, Cotemar rehabilitates and maintains platforms and course of centers in offshore services such as the semi-submersible platforms.

Cotemar Mexico played a significant role in the success of PEMEX in their offshore oil discipline growth initiatives by way of their specialised vessels. Along with growing and supporting petroleum operations within the nation, Cotemar Mexico additionally gives services to plenty of oil giants across the globe. Working in Cotemar Mexico is really an incredible opportunity for the workers as they get to work in a difficult and rewarding environment at the same time.
Cotemar Specialized Vessel Providers allows easy transport of personnel, gear, lightweight material and different commodities that could be of use to the crew. Ever since its formation, Cotemar has witnessed a growth in strength , and because of this, it has managed to acquire more rigs and increase its market share. Among its latest achievements is the awarding of a contract of the Cuichapa Poniente space that was assigned to Servicios a la Industria Petrolera Lifting de Mexico, which is a subsidiary of Cotemar.
The yr 2002 was a landmark for the Cotemar Company because they acquired its first Hibernia which turned a delight and pleasure for the main large. In 2012, Cotemar skilled another spurt in progress and to the fleet was added the companies Cotemar of specialised crane and maintenance vessels that have been in a position to transport each liquid and strong supplies. The Cotemar firm has been experiencing speedy development ever since if was founded back in 1979.

Since its inception, Cotemar Mexico was pushed by its core values derived from its mission and imaginative and prescient aimed toward providing cutting-edge companies to the oil and gas productions process at a worldwide stage and guarantee sustainability through elevated participation within the manufacturing course of on This is why; this firm has developed a large infrastructure with an enormous pool of skilled manpower to assist every requirement of the offshore oil and gas sector.
Cotemar Mexico performed a vital role in the success of PEMEX in their offshore oil field growth initiatives through their specialized vessels. Along with creating and supporting petroleum operations in the country, Cotemar Mexico additionally gives companies to a lot of oil giants across the globe. Working in Cotemar Mexico is really a fantastic opportunity for the workers as they get to work in a difficult and rewarding atmosphere on the same time.

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