Lalique Encre Noire A L'extreme Eau De Parfum

There is no other Discount Diamond which will shine brighter. Lalique’s fragrance business was looking for a way to join in on this new way of making perfume. Perfumer Nathalie Lorson would help as she composed three perfumes for the brand from ; Perles de Lalique, Amethyst, and Encre Noire.
A vetiver celebration sounds like such a nice idea! I might have to take a bath with my homemade vetiver salts today to top it all off.

The playful shimmer of the top notes is an instant draw, but equally alluring is the drydown of musky wood shavings and smoked twigs. Encre Noire is bracing and uplifting, and its complete lack of sweetness means that it stays this way for hours. The drydown is an earthy/woody vetiver, dark, spicy, smoky and slightly boozy.
I especially like it on cold, rainy days here in Oregon. It reminds me of how my aunt that smoked a lot of cigarettes smelled when I was a child.

Had it not been for the instant amazement , I might as well have stopped buying more perfume – because, frankly, I already felt a bit of guilt at four bottles. But Encre Noire simply redefined my notion of 'perfume'. A new domain of beauty opened up, and I couldn't stop at the gates. Not the postcard kind, but the original one, with wuthering heights and icy Caspar David Friedrich twilights.
Encre Noire is an odd fragrance that I like. My nose picks up primarily the vetiver and the cashmere wood.
Completely agree about sniffing not necessarily avoiding disaster. At least, I have tons of bottles of things that I do still like but literally never reach for. I can't remember when and what I bought unsniffed last time…my gosh, I can't be THAT good…I must have bought something or other at some point. Hey, and those Kenzos are such cool bottles!

If there’s one thing I like the most about the perfume, it’s the presentation. The bottle is pure work of art and possibly the best-looking perfume bottle ever created. In 1905, he opened a new shop in Paris that extended products from jewelry to glassworks as well. Since the shop was close to François Coty, Lalique started producing perfume bottles for them. You see, the Encre Noire line is meant to be used during the Fall and Winter due to their heavier vetiver/cypress notes. This scent is perfect for office wear, or for evening excursions. Sophisticated, refined and classy, Encre Noire has it in spades.
Apart from that this stuff is something else. A must in your collection if you are interested in scents if you ask me. If Marcus Aurelius wore fragrance, it would be this one.

This smells great, but it has to be the right man, def. You'll have to try the three other mens' fragrances; they are all exquisite. The “Lion” sits regail in the middle, the cedar-based “Equus” to its right, the blue “Faun” to its left. click here To me they are essential, Equus when I want a lift, Faun when I am feeling, yes, blue. Just the other day I ordered a Chai scented candle unsniffed, and it arived today. Took me a while to warm up to it, but the drydown is lovely.
Lalique have made themselves a household name, and have placed a bookmark between the pages of history with their magnificent sculptural glass. In the late 1800s to the mid 1900's, they set the benchmark in creating exquisite and highly coveted perfume bottles. Its a little surprising then, that it was only in the early 90's that they began producing their own fragrances. Encre Noire is a scent for men, launched in 2006, that has remained at the pinnacle of their collection. Encre Noire A L’Extreme for men was launched in 2006 by Lalique as successor to the older Encre Noire. The masculine fragrance is noted for its intense masculine notes. Unlike the older Encre Noire, which boasted of sporty notes, Encre Noire A L’Extreme leans more towards the woody side.

As always you’ll find the important information as ingredients, perfume, and company information on the box. I like the nice touch with an orange stripe going around the box through the middle. If you ever wondered if Encre Noire line caps are made of real wood I’m glad to confirm this. The cap is made of PEFC -certified wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. On the bottom part, you’ll find standard sticker information about the perfume, concentration, and batch code. The full perfume name is printed in the middle.
It's more of a fragrance enthusiast's fragrance. It turns me on, but I'd suggest you sample it before buying. I blind bought this fragrance when I already had a bit of expirience with fragrances because it seemed interesting and was affordable enough to risk it. Lost in pitch black woods a rainy autum night but at least smelling really nice. I have had my bottle for years now and it's still pretty full but that doesn't mean I do not love it. It's simple and goes straight to the brain.
You would want to wear the Encre Noire during fall and winter seasons mostly. The dry down gives me an old furniture/lumber mill character which can be a bliss if you’re wearing it in the right surroundings and weather. I blind bought this one before going to Ireland in 2014, thinking it’s scents would suit the country’s rainy and damp climate and I wasn’t wrong. Middle notes become apparent in about 15 minutes after application.

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