Leather Belt Doesn't Have Enough Holes!

I might like to introduce you to one in all my all time favourite vogue tools… the Leather Hole puncher ! Maybe you lost or gained some weight; maybe you discovered the right belt at a thrift retailer, nevertheless it's a not the best measurement; perhaps you want a Hole between two of the already present holes-whatever the problem is, this tutorial will present you how to add nice round belt holes. Use a chunk of scrap Leather beneath the belt, so that you just're not hammering the punch right into the anvil. The new holes look barely more ragged across the edges, but using the belt will assist to easy them down.
Be certain to place something, that you don't mind damaging, that doesn't move round behind the belt, that's thick enough, for when the drill bit goes by way of. This method takes longer than the others, and you might find yourself with a messy Hole. You should buy oval-formed Leather Hole punches, but most people is not going to notice a mix of round and oval holes.

My dad taught me an important trick when using an axe to make a brand new Hole: Rigorously maintain the metallic tip in an open range flame for a minute or two, then carefully push it by the Leather. It would seal the opening to the correct size and maintain it from shrinking up. By the way in which, I am girl (yeah, hear me roar). I lately purchased an archery quiver, and even at the shortest setting, the Leather straps are still manner too lengthy. After the drill bit penetrates the belt, move the drill up and down to filter out the chaff from the perimeters of the outlet.
Flip the belt over and cut off the Leather that has poked through on the opposite aspect utilizing a sharp knife. Use clear shoe polish to seal the inside of the opening you have created - a toothpick is useful to apply the polish to the perimeters. For an easier technique of making a Hole, use a primary Leather Hole punch that will come with directions: you can decide these up for about £10. Disclosure: This put up incorporates affiliate hyperlinks, which means I'll receive a share in case you make a purchase utilizing these hyperlinks. Leathercraft Nylon Hammer : You'll use this to hammer your punches into the Leather.

Use a ruler or measuring tape to find the distance between every Hole, then measure the same distance past the final Hole. Use heavy objects to maintain the belt taut, or have a buddy pull the belt taut in entrance of you. Some thick belts could require strong arms, or somebody to wiggle the taut belt backwards and forwards as you squeeze. Use a ruler to measure the spacing between the outlet, then measure the identical distance past the last Hole.
My dad taught me an important trick when utilizing an axe to make a new Hole: Carefully maintain the steel tip in an open range flame for a minute or two, then rigorously push it by the Leather. It should seal the opening to the right size and keep it from shrinking up. By the way in which, I'm lady (yeah, hear me roar). I lately bought an archery quiver, and even at the shortest setting, the Leather straps are nonetheless manner too lengthy. After the drill bit penetrates the belt, transfer the drill up and all the way down to filter the chaff from the edges of the opening.
One does not simply whip up a high quality Leather belt that will help tool bag's or holsters by following this method. So no you failed and took good Leather and wasted it. An incredible belt is 1/four inch thick from two prime grain straps bonded and sewn, beveled and burnished coloured with dye and then sealed. I purchased 5 belt blanks, 5 belt retains, completely different dyes and balms, burnisher, and Leather edging tool all from Amazon and Tandy. To make this undertaking even more authentic I went to the Tanner Goods website and purchased their commonplace buckles at a cost $8.00 every in silver, brass, copper and black.

If your prime precedence is a comfortable match, instead wear the belt and pull it to a snug position, then mark the belt where the strap tongue touches it. Use heavy objects to overwhelm every finish of the belt, with the placement the place the opening might leather punch be punched on top of a block of wood or different onerous, flat floor. You may as well choose to snipping the opposite end, as soon as it has penetrated the outer layer a bit, as a substitute of drilling a perfect Hole.
Effectively except its an expensive belt and you need to retain the integrity of the made Hole. You may additionally get one of many Leather punch from ebay and use it for other future Leather Hole making purposes. For those who determine to make use of a drill make sure you maintain the belt down tight and safe, it can spin round actual fast in the event you do not. I used to do use a Leather punch as a result of my belts have been always half a notch too big or half a notch too small.

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